Month: July 2014

mat. a poem.

take this passive aggression
as a lesson or suggestion,
my objection of digression this composition of admission,
an impression and a mention of your vexing predilection,
aiding my defection of your terminal affliction,
a prideful martyred host of zealous hopeful proud perfection,
a melancholy drought without an ounce of consolation,
a constant source of self-absorbing over-stretched production,
suggesting this is all that you have hoped to skip detection,
but seeing this I hope you strive to correct your misdirection.

Michael Morelli


Some Dumb Name. – The Podcast


Here it is, the first of many promised Podcasts from Jess “Ginger Jess” Ross and I. Keep in mind, this is our very first one and it isn’t perfect, so lower your damned expectation you vultures! We still haven’t decided on a name yet, so please leave comments and suggest one. We have a ton of topics to cover, people to interview, and interesting, funny, and wildly inappropriate stories to tell – you know, the kind that dry out Michele Bachman’s vagina. Please, give us a listen and again, be sure to tell us how you feel and give us suggestions and comments for future shows. Thanks.

You can find more about Jess and her artwork at her blog, The Art of Ginger Jess.