We Beg To Differ – Sunburn, Petty Theft, and Things


In this episode, Jess talks about how unfortunate it is that she is both a ginger and enjoys the sunlight, Michael talks about a couple of assholes, and they both reflect on the state of racism in the US.



        1. Yeah, it’s weird though, we have over 30 listeners so I would expect at least 10 to comment. I’m going to port the whole thing over to a different page and just promote that along with syndication through itunes to hopefully get more listeners. It is true, however, that these things take time, if they ever get anywhere, to get off the ground. I have been listening to podcasts since ’06 that are really starting to get popular now. It’s a slow climb and, at this point, we don’t care. It doesn’t cost us anything to do and it’s fun.


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