Month: November 2014

We Beg to Differ – Hopeless Employment, Corporate Scum, and a Failed Attempt at Being Funny.

Before I explain the contents of our latest episode and refer to myself in the third person again, let me first, start by apologizing for the lack of content and posts on this blog and the lack of new episodes of We Beg to Differ. Life has gotten in the way, again, and Jess and I have had to divert our attention to more pressing – money making – matters. So for now, please enjoy our latest episode. We will be sure to post another as soon as we can. Thank you.

In this episode, Michael whines about not having a job and, without taking any personal responsibility, relentlessly blames those responsible; Jess agrees with everything; and they both tirelessly make fun of old people while also managing to be racist and ridiculous.