Month: November 2016

Untitled. A Poem.

I am going to treat you
to a luxury vacation.
You will be staying at
a beautiful Resort,
where the celebrities go.
You will experience
the magnificent shows.
You will get a voucher,
with money,
to gamble with and spend
on the most expensive items.
You will enjoy the array
of delicious meals and drinks,
that punctuate each moment
with momentary bliss.
You will lose your room key,
be escorted back to your room
by the attendant
who will let you in,
and then let himself in.
You will make memories.
You will abuse your mind
and your body
with illicit substances
and strange fingers.
You will lose yourself.
You will experience
massages and facials.
You will cleanse yourself
with luxurious shower gels
and bath oils.
You will touch yourself
and think of me.
You will think of
what I’ve done for you.
You will hate yourself
for hating me.