We Beg to Differ

A critical and wildly inappropriate look at life from the perspective of a skeptical fag and his artistic hag, along with their unfortunate friends.

We Beg to Differ – Hopeless Employment, Corporate Scum, and a Failed Attempt at Being Funny.

Before I explain the contents of our latest episode and refer to myself in the third person again, let me first, start by apologizing for the lack of content and posts on this blog and the lack of new episodes of We Beg to Differ. Life has gotten in the way, again, and Jess and I have had to divert our attention to more pressing – money making – matters. So for now, please enjoy our latest episode. We will be sure to post another as soon as we can. Thank you.

In this episode, Michael whines about not having a job and, without taking any personal responsibility, relentlessly blames those responsible; Jess agrees with everything; and they both tirelessly make fun of old people while also managing to be racist and ridiculous.


We Beg to Differ – Where We’ve Been, Uptight Idiots, and Being Fancy

In this episode, we examine the hypocrisy of society, the easiest way to be a douce bag, and where we’ve been for two weeks.

We Beg To Differ – Sunburn, Petty Theft, and Things


In this episode, Jess talks about how unfortunate it is that she is both a ginger and enjoys the sunlight, Michael talks about a couple of assholes, and they both reflect on the state of racism in the US.

We Beg to Differ – Cleaning, Unemployment, and a Session on Depression

In this episode, Michael has a revelation about himself, the job market for the hopelessly unemployed is examined, racism is briefly discussed (again), Jess talks about dealing with depression, and both have a bone to pick with the Ice Bucket Challenge.

We Beg to Differ – Robin Williams, Movie Theaters, and Michael’s Eyebrows


In this Episode we discuss the pros and cons of going to the theater alone; depression, anxiety, and suicide; great party themes for children; and Michael’s eyebrows.

Some Dumb Name. – The Podcast


Here it is, the first of many promised Podcasts from Jess “Ginger Jess” Ross and I. Keep in mind, this is our very first one and it isn’t perfect, so lower your damned expectation you vultures! We still haven’t decided on a name yet, so please leave comments and suggest one. We have a ton of topics to cover, people to interview, and interesting, funny, and wildly inappropriate stories to tell – you know, the kind that dry out Michele Bachman’s vagina. Please, give us a listen and again, be sure to tell us how you feel and give us suggestions and comments for future shows. Thanks.

You can find more about Jess and her artwork at her blog, The Art of Ginger Jess.